2017 Honda CB1100 Is Coming Back Redesigned

There’s something about classy vintage two-wheelers. Is there anyone who finds those World War Plymouths too old to remember? American choppers are different; too big for too many. But there’s something about lean bikes with a beast of an engine and old-school grunt. There’s something about this 2017 Honda CB1100.

2017 Honda CB1100

2017 Honda CB1100: Power and Specs

Power is not screaming at a 150 mph plus with the head stuck behind the fairing; power is blunting smooth corners chest open with an earth-moving roar inside. And for those who want a David Draiman F-sharp baritone instead of a Robert Plant screech, this upcoming 2017 Honda CB1100 might be what they need.

  • Engine Type – 4-stroke 8-valve Inline-4 DOHC.
  • Displacement – 1140 cc.
  • Max Power – 89 HP @ 7,500 rpm.
  • Max Torque – 67 lb-ft @ 5,500 rpm.
  • Compression ratio – 9.5:1.
  • Bore and Stroke – 73.5 mm x 67.2 mm.

A full-blooded laid back engine; it performs open heartedly. There are no acceleration or top speed specs available to prove the point, so imagination is the last resort. Adding all of these specs along with PGM-Fi (Programmed Fuel Injection) throttle structures gives this machine a silent attitude of efficiency along with power.

Laid Back But In Style

Riding through winding roads is when this Honda CB1100 2017 comes to life. Vintage is a something that’s rare. Timeless round headlamps with round silver instrument dials instead of a fairing, strong side mirrors,  and a chiseled frame; it looks the best when slanting just that bit more while hitting the apex.

The naked chest of an engine looks like chunky and classic with the four exhaust manifolds coming out of it. There’s something uncanny about the chassis traditionally holding a 4.4-gallon fuel tank as if the motorcycle wants to dial down on itself as if it intends to avoid the second look which it deserves and will always get.

2017 Honda CB1100

Beauty Comes In Many Forms

In case of this bike, there are two, viz. – RS and EX. Not much is different; they are at heart, the same machines. However, there are just a few differences in the body of 2017 Honda CB1100 and suspension systems making the EX just that bit larger and tougher.

  • Dimensions (L x W x H) – 2200 x 830 x 1130 mm (EX)/ 2180 x 800 x 1100 mm (RS).
  • Wheelbase – 1490 mm/1485 mm.
  • Trail – 114 mm/99 mm.
  • Seat Height – 790 mm/795 mm.
  • Clearance – 135 mm/130 mm.
  • Curb Weight – 255 kg/252 kg.

Suspension will be tuned, in both trims, to be smoothly aggressive. However, RS will get better stopping power and larger forks.

  • Suspension – 41 mm/43 mm traditional fork with preloaded adjustable springs. [EX/RS]
  • Brake Discs – 296 mm/310 mm.

Also, the RS will sport vintage 18-inch wire spokes which may well be available for its kin too.


This model will be available from $12,000 for the RS and upwards $13,000 for the EX version. A redesigned and re-engineered model over the previous versions, this 2017 CB1100 is among the most anticipated classic sports bikes in the market.

“Form is temporary; class is permanent.” – the 2017 Honda CB1100 is just what the bike airs with every thump of its pistons, every crank of its chain, every rise in its revs and every mile that its gains. This is a classic vintage sports bike.

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