2017 Honda Foreman 500 Is Ultimate Workhorse

Honda Foreman 500 recently obtained a new chassis. Also, its advanced suspension, its rugged appearance and ever reliable powertrain make it an ideal bull for tackling terrains of all types and difficulties. Honda is known as among the super elites when it comes to high-quality all-terrain vehicles. New 2017 Honda Foreman 500 will unquestionably suffice all expectancy of aficionados in every possible way.

2017 Honda Foreman 500

2017 Honda Foreman 500: Design, Features and Comfort

There is simply no denying the fact that this great withstanding ATV is right among the top ATVs the market has ever seen.

It hosts a tough appearance and its splendid curves, and strong construction makes it an ideal choice for adventurists. Riding through mountain trails and forest regions having difficult-to-move terrains is going to be fun-filled and fuzz free.

Having high ability to haul heavy loads and incorporating quality technology and reliability features, new Foreman 500 is definitely going to be a benchmark for all ATV makers.

All 2017 Honda Foreman 500 models are going to incorporate a speed override button with differentiating lock systems. The seats are ergonomically designed to offer utmost comfort even while moving on jarring terrains. There is an advanced EPS or optical electric power steering for easy maneuvering.

In order to prevent dust, debris or dirt coming towards riders, the unit incorporates a full length lower skid-plate mated with integrated frontal brush protection. It incorporates durable steel racks and quality proved 7.3-inch alterable suspension for easy and comfortable movement.

The model will have color variants such as Vapour White, Olive, Red, Active Yellow and Matte Grey Metallic.

The 2017 ATV will have advanced lighting systems both in its fascia and rear bulbs. The 35/35 Watts will be used compared to 30/30 Watts which were seen in its previous model. As for its new instruments, riders will find a new temperature gauge, new digital odometer and an indicator for various lock indicators.

2017 Honda Foreman 500

Engine and Fuel Economy

The 2017 Honda Foreman 500 will have a 500cc powertrain with a 4 wheel drive. This power engine will give out 28.7 HP at 6,250 RPM and 28 lb-ft of torque at 5,000 RPM. Its miles per gallon figure measures- 33.6 mpg. To go with this configuration, this unit will also have a powerful hydraulic disc and a 5 speed transmission with an auto clutch. The model also comprises a speed override mode which will assist in moveing quickly when being stuck in mud or loose soiled surfaces. Like its previous models, its semi-dry engine placement will result in making it lightweight and compact thereby enhancing its mobility and handling. Another thing about this unit is that riders using the Trax Lock button can instantly shift from a 2-wheel drive to a 4-wheel drive.

2017 Honda Foreman 500


The 2017 Honda Foreman 500 is already available in ATV showrooms. The price starts form $7,199, which is really acceptable.

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