2017 Honda Foreman Rubicon: Price, Features, Specs

According to our insider, the Japanese manufacturer is about to introduced on more amazing ATV. The off-road vehicle will arrive as the 2017 Honda Foreman Rubicon and promises some amazing features. This premium ATV emphasizes on rider comfort- all day! Some tipsters after witnessing the model have remarked- “this Honda 2017 Rubicon represents an excellent balance between work and play.” For the first in history, Honda has dressed it in newly painted plastic.

2017 Honda Foreman Rubicon

2017 Honda Foreman Rubicon: Styling and Features

Though this 2017 Honda Foreman Rubicon comprises of a rugged body structure that is what accounts for its oomph factor! Its engineering is mainly to shield riders from mud and all other forms of debris. It will be also able to shrug off the minor scrapes, dings which are associated while riding through woodlands, job locations or through the dusty countryside.

It’s all steel coverage, and newly styled bumpers, latest head burners and market meeting components, and decals. This will make this an ATV which fanatics will love to have.

This latest designed ATV from Honda does look a lot similar to the previous models. However, there is a lot more variety on offer when talking about the 2017 Foreman Rubicon. For instance, there are aluminum wheels and solid suspension components.Independent rear suspensions for enhancing comfort and increased traction even while rolling on unfavorable terrains. All disk brakes may way for a smoother and enjoyable riding experience

Honda is a company that always give a prime attention to manufacturing details and state of the art innovation. This 2017 Foreman Rubicon is an excellent example of their professionalism and customer dedication.

2017 Honda Foreman Rubicon

Engine Specifications:

The 2017 Honda Foreman Rubicon employs the same 500 class powertrain which has proved to be reliable and tough for Honda, these many years.

 Going a bit deeper you will find:

  • Exact engine configuration is 475 cc OHV liquid cooled 1-cylinder 4 stroke engine – longitudinally mounted
  • Its bore and stroke-92.0mmx71.5mm
  • It comprises of electric and optional auxiliary recoil
  • Induction-PGM-FI
  • Comprises of an automatic clutch
  • The frontal suspension is an independent double wishbone-7.28” travel
  • Rear suspension is an independent double arm-8.46”travel
  • Brakes in its fascia and rear measure 190 and 170 mm hydraulic disc respectively
  • Tires in its fascia and rear measure 25×8-12 and 25×10-12 inches respectively
  • 5-speed transmission with a double clutch transmission with reverse feature
  • Its engine can hold 3.9 gallons of fuel and has 1.3 gallons of the reserve
  • It’s towing ability measure 1322 pounds
  • Ground clearance- 9.4 inches

Price, Arrival, and Colors

The price of 2017 Honda Foreman Rubicon starts from $8,599, and it is already available in the market. Enthusiasts will get the amazing ATV in different color combinations: red, olive, yellow, as well as Matter Grey Metallic and Honda Phantom Camo.

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