2017 Honda Recon: Performance, Price, Styling

When one takes a look at the world of ATVs, better is always given more preference than bigger. This is one rule which Honda has managed to follow over the years and that has allowed them to earn a reputable name in the world of ATVs. Honda Recon is definitely one of Honda’s more affordable ATV. The new 2017 Honda Recon model is set to live to its price as well as efficiency expectations.

2017 Honda Recon

2017 Honda Recon: Design Changes and Features

This refreshed model from Honda promises to be a powerful and tough all-terrain vehicle, and its compact build enables it to move through tighter regions. The model is also resistant to all kinds of environments and rolling terrains.

The 2017 Honda Recon starts off quite easily every single time. By pressing the start button, this new model is up and ready to roll and this is mainly due to its advanced electric start up feature.

Plus if riders need a backup just in case something goes wrong, they can always rely on its superlative recoil starting system to put them back on the road.

This new ATV comprises a reverse brake system and also a parking brake. That is situated on the left side of the handlebar and mated with its reverse lever; this model is tailored to meet all the important needs riders. Speaking of its variants, this model is obtainable in 2 color types- red and green.

2017 Honda Recon

Engine and Specs

This Honda Recon 2017 might be smaller in dimension as compared to some of the other ATVs available in the market, but it certainly packs a lot of power in its powertrain. It hosts a 229 cc OHV 1 cylinder 4-stroke engine which is longitudinally mounted and also its bore is around 68.5 mm x 62.2 mm.

With this power packed engine, it also holds a 5-speed transmission with reverse features. Its driveline comprises of back direct driveshaft. Induction is a 22mm carburettor ignition is CD with electronic advance. The frontal tires measure 22×7-11 inches while its rear tires measure 22×10-9 inches. Frontal brakes feature a double coated hydraulic drum while its rear tires feature a coated mechanical drum. It has an independent double wishbone of 5.1 inches for travel while its rear suspension is a swingarm with single shock-4.9 inch for mobility.

The 2017 Recon overall dimension is 75 inches in length, 40.7 inches in width and 42.1 inches in height. Its wheelbase measurement is around 44.5 inches. The unit offers 6 inches of ground clearance, and its turning radius is 8.5 feet. Its seats are extremely comfortable and measure 31.2 inches. The complete fuel containing capacity measures 2.4 gallons and also has 0.6 gallons for reserve. Curbing weight of this ATV is around 434 pounds.

Price and Availability

Numerous enthusiasts think that when they are purchasing a small sized ATV means cutting down slightly on the quality aspect. Honda likes to differ. And this classy ATV is a great specimen of that! The 2017 Honda Recon is already available in auto showrooms and its starting price is $4,049.

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