2017 Honda TRX90X: Performance, Price, Release

Options which offer virtual reality are available in plenty. But for those who prefer real reality or in order words prefer the sunshine, tough traveling terrains, fresh air and also dirt flying everywhere, the 2017 Honda TRX90X is just the option for them. This is the latest development from Honda and with it; the world will basically be at their sandbox.

The 2017 Honda TRX90X is primarily a base-level ATV and is engineered for tyros who love to place themselves amidst nature. However, there is nothing mediocre about it and in terms of its excellent features and sporting attendance; it is second to no ATV around!

Some tipsters hold the remark- ‘It’s pure Honda through and through and hence riders interested in this ATV will know they are starting off on a good note!”

2017 Honda TRX90X

2017 Honda TRX90X Specs

When drawing a comparison between this fresh Honda ATV to that of its antecedent, its guise is somewhat mirrored. In fact, on taking a closer look, it is found that Honda has tried to tweak most of its base features.

But that doesn’t mean that new changes haven’t been carried out at all. Its fascia flares have undergone some changes and a fresh keyed ignition mated with alterable throttle limiter has been added to it. This throttle limiter serves the purpose of controlling its top speed and its yield of power. The model is available in Red and Olive color variants.

The 2017 Honda TRX90X complete dimension measure- 36.5 inches in height, 35.2 inches in width and 58.6 inches in length!

Its seat is comfy and its height measure 26 inches. This model offers a turning radius of 8.3 feet and also provides a ground clearance of 3.9 inches.

The wheelbase is 38.7 inches and curbing weight figure is 262lbs.


If there is one thing all Honda ATV models deliver, it’s a never failing powertrain. 2017 Honda TRX90X too lives up to that repute.

  • Honda TRX90X hosts 86 cc SOHC 4-stroke engine mated with a 4-stroke engine.
  • It also incorporates a sturdy nature auto clutch system allowing enhanced shifting for smooth riding.
  • Its engine has also undergone air cooling to prevent the occurrence of overheating. Its bore rounds up to 47.0mm and 49.5.
  • The employment of an O-ring covered chain is done for improving its driveline.
  • Other mods include utilization of CDI ignition and an advanced electric starting system.
  • Fuel storage capacity is 1.7 gallons of fuel with 0.3 gallons for reserve.
  • The starter is electrical.

Brakes, Tires, Chassis, Suspension

Frontal brakes measure 20×7-8 inches while the back brakes measure 19 x 8-8 inches. In addition to these highly effective brakes, 2 covered drum type has been included in the frontal part while in its rear portion 1 drum covering is added for superior decelerating.

There has been an inclusion of an independent suspension in its frontal aspect and that is employed for 2.6 inches movement. As for its back end, a swingarm single shock suspension is presently employed for 2.6 inches mobility.

Price and Arrival

The 2017 Honda TRX90X is not out yet, but there is believe that it will happen in the first quarter of 2017.Price starts from $4,000.

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