2018 Honda Accord Spied Redesigned For The First Time

Judging by the latest spy shots we have, Honda’s bestselling nameplate will come completely redesigned very soon. A prototype of the redesigned Accord has been already spotted several times. From this it can be concluded that the new generation model could be done sometime next year. Now, the testing models are fully camouflaged, which stops us the see in what direction will go the development of the popular car. However we are pretty sure that there will be no mistake with the 2018 Honda Accord because this amazing vehicle is always two steps ahead of its competition.

2018 Honda Accord spy

2018 Honda Accord: Design Changes and New Platform

The heavy camo hides the details, yet we noticed that the new design looks somehow pretty interesting. This could be due the sleeker roofline and more arched roof, which makes the 2018 Accord more dynamic and appealing. The new sporty look appears to be borrowed from the new Civic. Well, not exactly borrowed, but there are some Civic’s styling cues without any doubt. Speaking of which, the new generation Accord will also use the same platform as the new Civic. It looks like these two models could have in common plenty of details.

Still, when we talk about the exterior styling, we must say that the 2018 Honda Accord is definitely getting an evolutionary design. Yes, there will be some changes in the front end and especially in the back where the sedan obviously gets totally new hatch. This will transform the usual conservative shape into something completely new and exciting. As we see it, around back, the 2018 Accord is getting our favorite fastback lines, while the front seems to be pretty angular. However, the most important change of the popular sedan is the new footprint, which looks a bit bigger than earlier. This also meant that there will be more interior space, which is definitely a big advantage for the sedan.

2018 Honda Accord

Under The Hood

Since the next generation Accord rides on the same platform as the new Civic, we also expect some similarities under the hood. The impressive vehicle will likely keep a four-cylinder engine and front-wheel drive to be the base option. The familiar V6 might be replaced with a 2-liter turbo. Yes, this is the 2.0-liter turbo from the Type R. It will be quite interesting to see what this engine can do under the hood of the new Accord. Some markets will also add a smaller 1.5-liter unit, but this won’t be offered in North America.

Price and Arrival

There is nothing official regarding the arrival of the 2018 Honda Accord, but we expect to see the new generation sedan late next year. The price should not change a lot, so expect a base model to cost around $23,000.

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