2018 Honda S1000 Roadster Specially for North America

Honda’s current lineup is going to become bigger for one new model. The Japanese automaker is working on the all-new roadster, which will be introduced sometime next year as the 2018 Honda S1000. Now, since we haven’t seen the testing model yet, we can only follow the rumors. Reportedly, the baby sports car will pick something from the tiny S660 and something from the second-generation NSX super car. O yes, we forgot to mention that Honda’s upcoming roadster is going to be sold in US only and will be convertible.

2018 Honda S1000

2018 Honda S1000: Under The Hood

There is nothing official regarding the drivetrain of the 2018 Honda S1000, but we are pretty much sure it will have more power from the S660. This is because the tiny S660 uses a turbocharged 660cc three-cylinder engine. The output is legally limited to 63 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 77 pound-feet of torque at 2,600 rpm, which isn’t enough for the North American drivers. Instead, the vehicle would offer a stronger 1.0-liter four-cylinder unit that’s going to produce around 140 horsepower. The mill is mated to a CVT with a seven-speed paddle-shifter, but there will be an optional six-speed manual transmission. There is also a possibility of a hybrid or even a plug-in hybrid powertrain, but we don’t know any closer details about it.

2018 Honda S1000

Exterior and Interior

Honda has been a synonym for sports cars for years, and we are pretty much sure that they won’t make any mistake with the 2018 S1000 either. According to our insider, the car will feature very interesting bodywork with the wide and low body. The front end will be borrowed from the NSX without any doubt. Of course, since it will be significantly smaller from Honda’s supercar, the S1000 will look more brawny and mighty. The rear end should be pretty massive and striking. There should be a center exhaust pipe and unique taillight styling.

The interior will also have a lot in common with the NSX. The car will receive a similar seats and center stack that’s angled toward the driver. The instrument cluster will be oversized, while the infotainment screen should be around 7.0 inches.

Price and Availability

The convertible roadster will likely become available in early 2018. Honda hasn’t said anything regarding the price, yet we think it will start from around $20,000.


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