2019 Honda Civic: Review, Info, Price, Performance

According to our insider, there will be nothing new for the 2019 Honda Civic. This is quite logical because the car came all-new a year ago. Still, the next year is crucial for the compact car for so many reasons. The first and most important is sale numbers. Judging by the latest reports, the all-new Civic is a rising star which will be one of the best-selling vehicles available. That’s why we decided to make a quick take on the compact.

2019 Honda Civic

2019 Honda Civic: Engine Options and Transmission

The 2019 Honda Civic will offer several engines. The base model will use a 2.0-liter inline-4 with 158 horsepower. In case this is not enough for you, there is an optional 1.5-liter turbo engine. The mill normally delivers 174 horsepower, but the potential buyers can get an optional Sport model with 180 horsepower. The hotter Si model squeezes up to 205 hp and 192 pound-feet of torque from the turbo-4, but the most potent option will stay the Civic Type R with the ability to produce 306 horsepower. Most of the engines can be paired with a six-speed manual and CVT transmissions.

Design and Features

The Civic has plenty of flavors, starting from a regular hatchback and topping Type-R, all the way to the sedan and coupe. Still, no matter how different they are, the models have one thing in common when it comes to the exterior styling. They all carry “love it or hate it” design, significantly sharper than before. In case you want our opinion, we love this aggressive styling.

Bearing in mind that we are talking about the compact car there is enough room inside. Moreover, we can’t think of any other compact with so much space, which makes the 2019 Honda Civic a class leader. The car is essentially better organized than earlier, especially the dashboard which kept analog gauges for most of the models. Though, in case you prefer a digital display, you will have to buy the topping trim level. There is a lack (if we may call it like that) inside of the base model. The car sports a small 5.0-inch display, which doesn’t support touch. In case you want a touchscreen infotainment system, you will have to get an optional 7.0-inch with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity.

Even though it doesn’t look like that on the first glance, the ten generation Civic is one of the best-rated cars today. The safety features are available across the range and not just on higher trims, which is a big plus.

2019 Honda Civic interior


The 2019 Civic won’t be the best car available, but it’s definitely one of the best options you can buy for $19,000.

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