2019 Honda Fit – Changes and Specs

Honda Fit is the Asian sibling of Honda’s flagship hatchback Jazz. It is available in far-east countries of Asia and south-eastern part of Asia too. Fit stands in the front of the hatchback army in the automobile market of the world since 2001. It is one of the best looking and performance hatchbacks available within a nice budget in this decade. It possesses few of the best safety features in the recent market but at a very cheaper price.

Honda has faced some problems in the performance of this vehicle so the company has been making some arrangements to sort out that problem in the upcoming 2019 Honda Fit.

2019 Honda Fit – DESIGN

The 2019 Honda Fit is happening to be the best one ever, with significant changes both inside and outside of the vehicle. The external front seems mostly unchanged considering the recent re-designing of the vehicle by Honda. The 2019 version might be having new chrome grille and an extended chin, for more aggressive and sportier look, new bumpers might be an addition too.

2019 Honda Fit

About the interior, there are rumors about nice changes, with larger boot space and more cargo space. Honda Fit is one of the best hatchbacks available at a reasonable price that comes with great driver comfort, seating position, tools, and infotainment system. The central console features all new 7-inch entertainment system with capacitive touchscreen, the meter console is all-digital with LED speedometer and RPM gauge. The steering wheel also be featuring numerous media control tools and be well contoured for better gripping.

2019 Honda Fit – ENGINE OPTIONS

The available Honda Fit in the market possesses a 1.5-liter engine with a maximum horsepower of 130. Rumors are there that the upcoming engine will be a 1.0-liter 3 cylinder turbocharged one. This new re-engineered engine is capable of producing more torque than the larger engine but a maximum horsepower of 125. The 1.0-liter engine is expected to give a great mileage of about 44 miles per gallon. Speaking about transmission there might be a 7-speed automatic CVT or one might also choose a 6-speed manual shift.

2019 Honda Fit Rear View


The new 2019 Honda Fit comes with astounding features like improvised interior with sporty seats and increased shoulder rests. 7-inch infotainment system with a number of new instruments. Leather-jacketed, well-contoured steering wheel, the Air Conditioning system is re-designed to provide better ventilation it also features a heater, adjustable front passenger seat, foldable rear seats to make more space for additional storage.

The safety features include Dual air-bags, 4-piston caliper disc brakes on all wheels for better braking, Collision warning system to prevent front collisions. Honda LaneWatch re-engineered chassis for reduced damage while collision and many more.


The expected price for 2019 Honda Fit is $12,000 and will be available from mid-2019 in selected countries. It is expected to create a stir in the upcoming hatchback market. The major competitors will be KIA Rio, Nissan Versa, Toyota Yaris and Chevy Sonic.

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