In the ongoing raging war of implementing electricity to run machines, Honda has never been a sit-down competitor; moreover, Honda holds the patent for some of the best electric motors of the era. In this phase of the world changing, Pollution is a major factor, and to tackle that situation, tech giants are spending brains and bucks to innovate better and bigger machines which are both environments friendlier and capable of running on electricity.

Honda’s Chief executive officer Takahiro Hachigo has announced that half of the Honda’s all-new vehicles will be having electric drive features. Honda with its Odyssey has already made an outstanding remark in the hybrid automobile market, taking head-on competitions even against the luxury automakers such as Chrysler too. The Honda automobile has given a nice innovative and uplifting thought to this hybrid vehicle so that it can reach the people better. So, all the minivan lovers can expect an all-new 2019 Honda Odyssey Hybrid in the coming year with brand new features and outstanding performance. The new Odyssey will be standing against the likes of other MPVs such as KIA Sedona, Toyota Sienna, Chrysler Pacifica, Dodge Grand Caravan, Nissan Quest.



The 2019 Honda Odyssey will surely be an eye-catcher, with sharper and sportier look, in-spite of being a mini-van. The new model will continue to feature the double sliding door because without it the term mini-van seems not eligible enough. It also provides better room for entry and exit, a must for an 8 passenger vehicle. Both the front and the rear ends will be getting a nice upgraded chrome grille. Trimmed LED headlamps and wrapped tail-lamps are there for a better angle of projection to the surrounding vehicles. The roof might also be featuring new rails for better safety of the luggage, being a family vehicle this addition seems a must. For greater space on the inside, the rear seats will be featuring foldability to provide a humongous cargo space. The rear seats are likely to get some adjustments too, providing more comfortable seating posture and leg space.

Speaking of the interior, the dashboard is all-new featuring an 8+ inch infotainment system. It includes a number of new features and tools for improved interaction between the car and the driver, and an 8 speaker audio system throughout the vehicle. The meter console is expected to get all digital and more accurate. The steering wheel includes control buttons for media features such as receiving calls, Bluetooth connectivity, volume keys, and many more. Improved ventilation system, being a mini-van it is difficult for the conditioned air to reach every corner of the vehicle, so a nice improvement seems underway for a much comfortable ride. Usage of lightweight aluminum has made real efforts in reducing the curb-weight by 500 pounds.



The engine is the most remarkable component of this vehicle, an all-aluminum 3.5-liter V-6 giant. Being a hybrid vehicle the monstrous engine is aided with 2 electric motors. This system is capable of producing 325 horsepower and a tremendous torque of 290 pound-feet. The current engine can make the vehicle reach 60 miles per hour within 6.9 seconds, but the development shows the upcoming version to be a bit faster. This is also comparatively faster than the Chrysler Pacifica by about 0.8 seconds.

Honda will be doing several improvements to reduce the noise production of the engine, such as sound dampening chassis, which will reduce the vibration and shake to a great extent providing a quieter drive in the fast highway lanes. But it seems unlikely that it will be reduced to luxury levels. The transmission will be fully automatic (CVT) with a 10-speed gearbox, the available 9-speed gearbox seems to be discarded for future uses

Talking about the mileage the current model gives 18 /27 miles per gallon (city/highway), which is comparatively similar to the other MPVs such as, Chrysler Pacifica and Toyota Sedona both of which provides 19/27 miles per gallon in city and highway. Comparing to the recent model of KIA Sedona, it is much better as this one gives 17/23 miles per gallon in city and highway. If the foretold engine developments show any betterment, then the maximum mileage would be somewhat near 30 miles per gallon on the highway for sure.



The specifications of the 2019 Honda Odyssey Hybrid is pretty remarkable, featuring a whole new interior with fabric upholstery and leather seats, the seats have been adjusted to provide better driving positions and comfort during long hours of driving. Sliding doors on the rear seats for easier entry and exit from the vehicle. The passenger seats are adjustable and also foldable to provide extra space for cargo. An extra cherry is the rear seat entertainment system featuring a 10+ inch entertainment system that can also be connected to cell phones, but also features, Blu-Ray Disc player with HDMI input.

Honda has installed a ton of safety accessories, Dual airbags in the front for the driver and front passenger, and curtain airbags for the rear seats, 3 point seat belts for better interlocking. The braking system is supported with ABS, EBD, Brake Assist and tire pressure monitoring system. A multi-angle rearview camera is there as a parking assistance. Honda’s innovative CabinWatch, which lets the driver look after the rear seats with the aid of a camera, this also features an intercom system CabinTalk to interact with the rear passengers without losing focus on road. Honda Sensing Accessories include, a collision mitigation braking system, a forward collision warning, and Honda Lanewatch, to alert the driver while dispatching a lane. Cross-traffic monitor provides information about the rear of the vehicle, any significant vehicle activity on the rear would alert the driver.


The expected price tag will be not less than $30,000 and the elite variants will be available for about $40,000. The 2019 Honda Odyssey will be arriving in the showrooms mid-2018, in selected countries.

If one has a plan of buying a spectacular minivan providing great performance in touring and features at a highly reasonable price tag, nothing can be better than 2019 Honda Odyssey Hybrid. This 5th generation Odyssey comes with a family of safety features and solid build to project a strong appeal in the MPV category of vehicles.

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