2019 Honda Prelude: Electric Powertrain, Design, Arrival

Honda’s focus on electric concept cars continues. After they’ve introduced the Urban EV Concept at the 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show, the Japanese car manufacturer prepares an all-new concept for this year’s Tokyo Motor Show. The vehicle will also get its power from the electric powertrain, but in contrast to the Urban EV, the upcoming concept will be a full-blooded coupe. Moreover, by introducing the non-producing model, the carmaker will actually announce the arrival of the new generation 2019 Honda Prelude. Yes, the iconic nameplate is likely coming back, and if everything goes according to the plan, the production model will see a light of day either in late 2018 or early 2019.

2019 Honda Prelude teaser

2019 Honda Prelude: Under the Hood

It’s not too hard to guess what’s going to power the all-electric 2019 Prelude. The future coupe will host pretty much the same drivetrain as the Urban EV concept. Now, the carmaker didn’t release too many information about it, but let’s say it should be able to deliver around 200 horsepower to the rear wheels. The electric system will host a battery, which will provide a driving range of about 80 miles. Though, we also expect an optional system with a bigger battery and more power. While we can’t really guess how many ponies could get the topper, we think it’s going to be able to cross at least a twice longer distance from the base model.

Design and Tech

The 2019 Honda Prelude has been previewed with a single teaser, which isn’t enough to create a clear picture of what’s coming. Still, the design will be interesting without any doubt. This is Honda after all and they know how to attract attention, especially with coupe cars.

What’s we know for sure is in which direction will be developed the 2019 Prelude when it comes to technologies. The producer will add as many touchscreens, cameras, and displays as it can fit. Though, we don’t expect to see exterior displays like it got the Urban EV. What we expect is a touch of past inside. They’ve done that with the Urban, so why would they skip the new generation Prelude.

2019 Honda Prelude

Arrival and Rivals

According to Honda, this is basically an answer on Mazda’s new Miata. Still, we think that these two can’t really share the same category. Or they can if the carmaker introduced the gasoline model too. If not, the all-electric 2019 Honda Prelude will cost too much to jeopardize Miata’s territory. We will have more reliable information about the coupe after the Tokyo Motor Show, so stay tuned.

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