2019 Honda S2000: Redesign, Performance, Price, Release

Honda will have a big celebration next year and the fans will get a worthy present. Even though it’s not currently available, the carmaker’s awesome roadster will celebrate 70th anniversary in 2018 with the introduction of all-new 2019 Honda S2000. The roadster is coming back, and we have pretty much everything about it. Moreover, our insider managed to give us precise information regarding the powertrain.

2019 Honda S2000: Engine and Transmission

The sports car will reportedly get a completely new system under the hood. This means that Type R’s awesome engine isn’t going to be available at all. Still, you don’t have to mourn for the lack of the 306 hp strong engine, because the 2019 Honda S2000 is definitely getting a better option with more power and better efficiency. According to information we have, the future roadster will use a two-stage 2.0-liter electric boosting system.

The drivetrain will allegedly produce 320 horsepower from. Actually, it might pump out even more, but we are sure it won’t produce less than 320 ponies. You must be wondering how it works a two-stage electric system. Well, the setup is very light and combines an electrically driven supercharger and a conventional turbocharger. Plus it adds a bypass valve. All that is mated to an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, which is positioned trans-axle.

Styling and Technologies

The pattern we have is showing how it will look the successor of Honda’s popular roadster. As you can see, the iconic roadster will feature its own, unique look without the too excessive interference of Acura’s flagship NSX. Though, the new generation Honda S2000 could use similar material for the bodywork to shed down as much weight as it possible. In addition, the sports car will reportedly get a Targa top.

The roof will be able to open and close by a motor or manually. We can’t really say what’s going on with the interior, simply because we haven’t seen any prototype so far. However, we don’t expect as futuristic interior as the Acura NSX offer. Instead, the all-new S2000 may host some classy elements which will remind of the predecessors.

2019 Honda S2000

Price and Offical Debut

There are two possibilities for the official debut of the completely new 2019 Honda S2000. The roadster will either arrive at the 2018 Paris Motor Show or in Los Angeles same year. Either way, the vehicle will be a start of the show without any doubt. Though, the car won’t be as affordable as we use to. No, the first estimates say it’s going to be priced at least $50K. Some reports even claim that it has to cost $70K, however we will see in the coming year what’s the real truth.

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