2020 Honda BR-V – Interior, Price, Equipment

One of the latest and definitely the most interested Honda products is the new 2020 Honda BR-V. Extraordinary by its appearance and dimensions, this SUV with hatchback construction will raise a few eyebrows. Although is made of strong materials and much stronger performance, new BR-V will be a serious rival. With the eye-catching appearance and more than the spacious interior, this model looks like a spaceship among cars. This will be a remake of the predecessor and also more powered 7-seater with the extraordinary entrance.

The upgraded infotainment system will make things go smoother and with more comfort than usual. Without a doubt, his more than upgraded monster will be available worldwide, although is now very much driven in India. With upgraded engine and performance, this vehicle is just started a new era of massive demanding.

2020 Honda BR-V – engine specs

The engine is still something very interesting and hard to believe. Without any competition in this segment, new 2020 Honda BR-V will receive a significant upgrade. The new offer is hiding under the new technology of the i-DTEC version. 2020 Honda BR-V will have an upgraded version of the 1.5-liter i-DTEC diesel engine from the Earth Dreams Technology Series. This engineering product is offering impressive 21.9 km/l and power of 100 ps. This will also mean that engine is paired with the 6-speed manual transmission.

2020 Honda BR-V

The aluminum construction of the motor will give many advantages. The engine will be able to run on low friction technology, which means you are able to hunt the farthest corners efficiently. Since the vehicle has lighter body frame, the top class transmission will make drive easy with smooth shifting. The most interesting fact regarding o this model is improved fuel reduce. Even with diesel fuel, this is still one of the safest environmental protective engines. There were some rumors about a hybrid unit based on several trim levels, but that is not confirmed yet.

2020 Honda BR-V exterior

New facelift of new 2020 Honda BR-V will make a quite impression. As a 7-seater this car is very long and heavy. Although with a use of new materials the difference in weight is massive. As it appears to be a very sporty and futuristic vehicle, new BR-V will look like a massive sedan. New alloy wheels will have bigger dimensions and upper ground clearance.

From outside we could notice bigger bumpers and big narrow grille. Without a doubt, the chrome materials will make a better impression. The LED technology will have its place all over new line up. The foggy lights are reserved for frontal lights, and the double row of stronger lights are positioned on the back. The tail is boxier than the previous model was. With new design and construction, this model will be going smoothly on highways.

2020 Honda BR-V interior

New interior and redesigned entrance are one of the most amazing things regarding 2020 Honda BR-V model. New and spacious entrance combined with seven seats and agile steering wheel will attract any adventurous client and younger audience. Basic connected with more than one innovation and entertainment during the ride is priceless. This car is just like a well-connected avatar, with the upgraded infotainment system and network connection, it just can give nice results.

2020 Honda BR-V interior

The LCD screen is programmed to keep its Honda sound system, social networks, and smartphone. New controls are easy for handling with minimizing distractions while driving. New BR-V sets high standards in safety with a unique ACE body structure that provides self-protection when it comes to the collision. To ensure your protection the base unit will contain passengers SRS airbags. 

Additional equipment

Although it will definitely come along with several trim levels, even the base one will have to bring a good deal. Without a doubt, the new 2020 Honda BR-V will make a nice break on the new car show in Tokyo next season. The other rivals in this segment will definitely enlarge their offer.

Interior will have more leather materials which are present in seat upholstery, steering wheel, and gear shift knob. This is also present in pad on door armrest. On the side, we could notice new sporty 3D speedometer with multi-information display along with average fuel display. On the LCD screen, we can notice an option where the position of the following programs are especially supporting Honda sensing navigations and Google+ system.

2020 Honda BR-V – Price

The most interesting part about the refreshed version of 2020 Honda BR-V is definitely a price. Without any doubt, this car is mainly popular and demanded in India. This car is one of the best choices for families and bigger planned trips. Since this model launches in India, this will make a price of $13-18,000 for the base and more equipped models. The release date still unknown but the debut should happen early in 2020. The news for Europe and USA is still under the question mark.

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