2020 Honda Civic – Changes, Trims, Price

If someone mentions Honda it means only one thing and that is quality through history. In the long run through the years, Honda took many advantages in developing a unique concept by creating a massive industry. Due to this occasion, new arrivals are never lacking for this Japanese carmaker. Now is an ideal opportunity to show off and present new features of future 2020 Honda Civic which had to suffer some serious changes over the years.

Although there are some sizing changes and exterior styling as well, the most significant upgrade will happen on the engine. With several optional and basic packages and trim levels, the buyers will have a chance to customize their unit. Without any doubt, the new arrival will beat the competition and likely make a new statement in order to create a more sellable run through the USA market. The Eastern market will keep the main position when launching preparation starts.

2020 Honda Civic Type-R

The new edition of new 2020 Honda Civic Type-R will be the most popular trim version in upcoming months. Even the presentation will collect many sympathies alongside the redesign of a line-up. The upcoming Type-R will certainly be different compared to the previous model. Although will receive some infotainment adjustments, we have to mention some critical exterior details and changes especially directed to performance.

2020 Honda Civic

The dimensions of the new Civic will make things go smoother. Although sizing is similar, in some angles we can notice slightly wider parts, especially behind the taillight. The entrance is better settled and has more space for a driver with better road view. However, the upcoming inner sound system and safety measures will have more strict breaking system which will take performance to a more exciting experience. Without a doubt, this mode is made for true lovers of speed and sporty cars.

2020 Honda Civic Si

Back in past when Japanese carmaker tried to make some changes for eastern market. Honda released a new line of Honda Civic Si line in order to create much sporty sensation which could offer more. However, the latest version of overall Civics will make an ultimate statement for the Japanese brand.  In the new car, the experiment will be also included and new powertrain options and maybe a hybrid as well. But those data are just in small talks nothing is confirmed yet. With base packages and upper trim level, the future client may have the opportunity to customize its vehicle in order to make the unique machine of his own. The new 2020 Honda Civic-S will cost about $29,000 for base units, and with further additions even more.

2020 Honda Civic side view

2020 Honda Civic Hatchback

Introducing a new way of design, new 2020 Honda Civic hatchback version is the most expected one. Although will renew the previous model, the eleventh generation of Honda vehicles will receive a significant upgrade. Especially the engine department where we can expect V6 motor with more towing power, the most eye-catching details are on the exterior.

The exterior is sporty, sharp and slightly aggressive when it comes to appearance. Without the doubt, this model will have upgraded LED technology which is especially visible in the frontal part and taillights. The grille will be similar like what predecessor had, piano black with sharp angles. What makes driving even more exciting is that upper moonroof with slighting wings will give extra power to smooth ride.

Interior of new Civic will be spacious with leather materials and carbon details inside. The climate control and infotainment system will offer many surprises combined with new technologies within. With two-rows seats and additional cargo space, this model is ideal for longer journeys and everyday driving.

2020 Honda Civic interior

2020 Honda Civic – engine options

It is still unknown which engine spec will likely to be in use for new Civic. Every package or upper trim level will have several engine solutions which will take some slightly modified specs. The one feature which can be similar to the previous one is using a Honda Sensing package which will make performance stronger and harder. The engine will be stronger than 174 hp. A turbo-four drivetrain expects some tuning. After that, it could deliver more torque than the current one. The powertrain comes in pair with a 6-speed manual transmission.

However, the Honda Sensing will likely offer an intelligent suite of safety and driver-assistive team designed to alert you to things you might miss while driving. This will include Collision mitigation braking system, road departure mitigation system, adaptive cruise control, and lane keeping assist system. In the newer version will have more features which will affect positively on performing activities.


There is no official confirmation about the price of the new 2020 Honda Civic, but some estimations are that this will go similar to the previous model. Although some details are no familiar, some sources are telling us that the base price will start at $19,000 for base units.  However, the more updates receive, the vehicle will have a higher price and it can go over $30,000.

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