2020 Honda Fit – Spy, Changes, Price

The most reliable source of smart and flexible cars is definitely Honda. For the new generation is more simple and modified, so the technology can show its full glance. The new 2020 Honda Fit will be the right choice for you no matter which occupation you dealing with. The upgraded specs are more than the designer can express and future customers wish for. With ideal angles and easier handling, this model will be generously comforted which is more than enough for the right choice.

The upgraded design will offer many possibilities especially from the inside and under the hood. The dimensions are similar with current Fit, but this time there will be some novelties regarding engine specs. With better fuel economy and lighter materials in use, this luxury hatchback will taste more when it comes to launching.

2020 Honda Fit spy photo

2020 Honda Fit exterior changes

With the new line-up, there is also a new exterior detail. The most interesting upgrade is definitely in the design area. The most visible option is on the body frame which construction is lighter and with more classical details. Alongside with new technology, better dimensions, and upper performance, new 2020 Honda Fit will try to offer more. New exterior will definitely be upgraded from frontal fascia which has boxy look and with chrome grille centered from the front.

The bumpers are more visible and under the right angle. This will improve its multi-angle awareness which will parking made easier. The frontal bumpers will give the aggressive appearance and make this city car sportier than before. The lights will also have unstoppable LED technology which is ideal for bad weather and thick fog. Also, there is additional cargo space which is useful if you are heading to some family or any different kind of trips.


The designing of interior went viral after the spy shoots leeched in public after the first test trials. The new 2020 Honda Fit is gaining many points representing its appearance and such as the interior as well, but partially. The smart design and décor will attract many new clients especially the ones who enjoy using Honda sensing infotainment system.

2020 Honda Fit interior

Spacious cabin with many technical additions with a clear view will definitely make the ride smooth and on high standards. The five-door model will offer many interesting trim levels which will take a new upgrade to the maximum. One of them is an upgraded infotainment system which has detailed commands. The steering-wheel commands are allowing you to keep hands free while controlling audio, phone and cruise controls.

The center console is designed with the USB port and 12-volt outlets which will charge a phone and other devices. There is also Wi-Fi connectivity available with the new audio sound system. One more upgrade is connected with Honda sensing system.

Trim levels

With advanced trim levels, there is a certain accommodation in its offer. There are several trim levels which will be in the closer offer. There are some details for each of them. The LX trim level provides the multi-angle rearview camera, 6-speed manual transmission with available Honda sensing. This will also include 2-row magic seat, eco assist system, and USB audio interface. The engine will most likely be the 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine with CVT Sports mode available.

2020 Honda Fit side view spy

The Sports trim level includes front, side, and rear underbody spoilers. From the other side on the exterior, we could notice 16-inch black alloy wheels. In the interior, we could see a 7-inch display and paddle shifters. Also with USB smart-phone audio interface and Apple CarPlay integration will follow also Android auto-integration.

2020 Honda Fit engine

The engine of new 2020 Honda Fit will have several trim options. The most basic motor will be 1.5-liter 4-cylinder as the previous model. With no serious changes, the engine will keep its strength and fuel utility. One of the most important things concerning this model is having new filters which will improve environmental safety.

The motor will be basically the same with all trim levels getting more torque and more energy. With new exterior and lighter materials, the performance will go faster and smoother. With new 6-speed transmission and AWD available, this model will take the serious part in market share in the USA and after in Europe.


The price of the new 2020 Honda Fit will have several pricing options. The most expected price for this type of the vehicle will start at $18,000 to the $25,000. These estimations are raw and this is just a possibility of how this pricing could look like. Depending on trim levels and final choice and estimations, new Fit will have more options. The releasing of the new Fit is going to happen by the end of 2020. However, some rumors said that we will have a chance this year to have some closer information about releasing.

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