2020 Honda Odyssey – New style and more trim levels

Japanese Honda has a better offer nowadays than the previous year. The main reason is innovation and the latest technologies which will bring new comparison to the competition. One of the most sellable vans in the eastern market was the predecessor of new arrival 2020 Honda Odyssey. NewOdyssey will try to reach the specter of sells which the previous model had, in order to keep the connection between generations. The new model is designed to represent mixed culture and design, keeping it modern and yet practical.

This van will have more purposes, from the family car to model for highways. Releasing several trim levels from basic to elite, the most eye-catching features are design and definitely the performance. Whatsoever, with new materials and sportier design, this will actually make a new concept to attract potential buyers. Finally, the previous model had some issues with AWD and, luckily for us, this feature will have a better-updated solution. 

2020 Honda Odyssey – engine specs

New 2020 Honda Odyssey will be powered with V6 3.5-liter engine. This mill will give 280 hp and 263 lb-ft of torque. However, Type-R touring and Elite trims are giving even 10-speed automatic transmission. With FWSdrivetrain it will be possible to raise the chances for stronger output and better fuel capacity. The worth of total valves per cylinder will likely remain4 valves per cylinder. 

2020 Honda Odyssey

Fuel is using direct fuel injection and is possible to stay as it was at the previous model – gas. The fuel economy will keep similar levels as 19 mpg at the city area and 28 highway. This model is going to appear at the final days of 2019. However, tests on the open road are under the camouflage so the details cannot be recognized as it supposed to be. The most precise data will be revealed by the ending of tests which will definitely add something to these numbers familiar with.

Interior changes

The new vehicle will offer more specter of possibilities which will remain to keep our eyes on the design itself.  New 2020 HondaOdyssey interior is spacious with more offers and materials which are necessary for the smooth and cozy ride. Two rows of seats will have upgraded materials which will bring new materials ahead. What’s more, this means that even base units will have some of the leather materials alongside with LED technology.

Digital cluster and the large 9-inch touchscreen are standard on upper trims. However, those will be more than a priceless. AlthoughWifi connectivity and Bluetooth wires are already there. Also, the sellable thing is definitely a safety system. Furthermore, from the latest customers’feedbacks and surveys, the most noticeable security measures earned five stars for navigation system both with Honda Sensing package.

2020 Honda Odyssey exterior

The 2020 Honda Odyssey Exterior will be changing its appearance from the lighter materials and sized dimensions. The top-line wheels boost 19-inch alloy tires, which is very generous and sporty. However, new power-folding exterior mirrors and LED headlights are going to be available as a darkened session in upper trim levels. The appearance will be more effective and attractive comparing it to the previous model. New sets of seats with 2-rows will be able to move up and back and side to side. This will bring more cargo space with extra addition for luggage. 

2020 Honda Odyssey interior

Trim levels

All Honda vehicles will be available in several trim levels and packages where the buyer can choose the features which suits him. With the standard equipment, we can expect 7-passengers Odyssey LX, and Odyssey Ex will include more safety and convenience feature. In the additional department, Bluetooth and USB phone connectivity and USB ports, button-start and a rearview camera will be just one part of upcoming novelties. Also, we can also expect to slide 2-row seats and new infotainment system with Type-R and Elite touring system. The Type-R will also have 2.0 liter replaced with 3.5 liters in order to gain more aggressive output and stronger performance. The most powerful thing is actually a Honda Sensing package which will be very useful in the future. The most common thing is definitely stronger towing capacity.  


The basic unit of 2020 Honda Odyssey will have a price near $ 31,000. This price will keep increasing by adding additions which customer wants. The 2020 Odyssey Elite trim level will have the highest price of $47,000 and perhaps will go beyond that by the time the vehicle releases. What’s more, as the previous sell shown, the upcoming van will make a difference by the unique offer an updated line-up. Well, the Japanese market is ready for next generations of this segment, which will earn more popularity as the customer feedbacks rising.

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