2020 Honda Pilot – Specs, Changes, Interior

Since the basic model of Honda Pilot was presented in 2015, it was about time for new changes and updates. The new arrival will have its opportunity to gain more credit for a domestic and foreign market. The new 2020 Honda Pilot will have redesigned features and exterior. It will offer new possibilities and packages according to the preferred version. The engine is stronger and with stronger output and towing capacity. This type of Hondas vehicle is demanded by the European market. New body frame will offer different structure and dimensions, so we can expect something g more sporty and masculine.

Ideal for families and for long-distance travel, in the promotion period the base unit will be much affordable comparing to previous years. Unlike its rivals, this Honda Pilot will receive more strict details and upgraded electronics which will take some serious time to explore it properly. However, the future model is still under the test trials so the final and more correct data will give the Japanese feedback survey. The model is going to attract many new potential buyers and at the same time, to prepare appearance in the future Auto show in Tokyo by the end of 2020.

2020 Honda Pilot

2020 Honda Pilot – Engine Specs

The upcoming new 2020 Honda Pilot will have upgraded 3.5-liter V-6 engine. New powertrain will have enough strength to make a 280 hp with 265 lb-ft of torque, with extra mile for towing capacity. It is sure that this motor will be available in 10-speed transmission AWD which makes him more productive and faster. This will significantly improve fuel status in order to reduce expend. The lighter shell and upper towing capacity will make driving smooth without bumping while the car starts.

There is one more possibility which is not confirmed yet as official. The other engine choice would be a 2.0-liter turbo-four engine. The numbers are not familiar at the moment but it would take some time to do the trial with this type of powertrain. Although the chances are minimum, we will see the optional results hopefully before launching.

New design

New 2020 Honda Pilot will offer many refreshed details comparing to the predecessor. First difference noticeable difference will be spotted on the dimensions and design. However, this will take just a smaller reduction as longer wheelbase, with bigger rear windows and more centered bumper. The bumper will be made of steel with chrome layer, according to latest Honda survey. Attractive appearance for this class is aggressive and more futuristic, which will make a stunning impression. Overall body and structure will have mixed materials, which consists of steel and chrome. One of the most important things is using a LED lighting technology, which shows great results during the test and general.

2020 Honda Pilot rear view

2020 Honda Pilot – interior and infotainment system

As already mentioned, the wheelbase will have enough space for USB ports and many control buttons. Interior will have a spacious cabin with the latest upgrade of the infotainment system. Materials like leather and wood will be available in upper trim levels. The most expected version of the interior is 5-seats with additional legroom space. From behind we can notice more cargo space with additional lights inside.

The infotainment system will offer many new possibilities including additional safety measures. Novelty, especially attractive to the younger audience is new Google+ sound system which will be included in Honda Sensing package. However, this package or some deal of it will be available in the basic unit which is also a good offer. Safety measures as navigation and maps will have a better order on the LCD screen.


The most important thing in this line-up is definitely upgraded driving mode. To correct the previous flaw, engineers did an effort to connect the front line of driving installing new shocks and springs. New materials in better composition should give better results in order to make driving more easily and improved. So the performance is smooth and rocky which is one of the attractive things of a basic package.

2020 Honda Pilot Interior

Wider wheelbase with additional equipment will allow the driver to make driving more exciting and smooth. Infotainment system offers wider specter of digital gadgets with Sensing additions in. Additions like Bluetooth and Wifi are inevitable which makes a 2020 Honda Pilot a better deal than the previous one.

Price and Release Date

New Pilot is coming by the ending of 2020 and some intros will be available via social network even in the next year. Promotional materials are rising and so as the demanding of more data. The company sources are strictly protected, however, there will be always some spy shots to have any clearer picture of what is next. The starting price for this model will starts at possibly $30,500 with start packages. Upper trim updates are more expensive and it cost over $39,000 for all additional materials and the highest package. We shall see in practice how this is going to work out.

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