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2018 Honda NSX

2018 Honda NSX: Rumors, Performance, Price

According to the latest reports, Honda is doing some final testing on its own NSX. Yes, aside from the luxury department Acura offers the supercar with the same nameplate the Japanese car manufacturer will reportedly …
2018 Acura CDX

2018 Acura CDX: Price, Specs, Engine, Design

Honda’s luxury division offers some quite popular nameplates in the United States, but Acura’s high-riding models bring most of the profit. This is why the carmaker is currently working on a new crossover for the …
2018 Acura NSX Type R

2018 Acura NSX Type R: Performance, Features, Price

After the carmaker introduced the second-generation NSX supercar in 2015, Honda’s appetites became larger. The Japanese automaker wants more sports model in the premium segment, which leads us to the latest rumors. According to the …